Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Narcissists Commandments

I enjoy each and every one of Laura Kamienski's posts, but I found this one to be particularly amusing, insightful and absolutely true!


  1. many men can have some of these traits that she lists. I think you had shared something on your myspace, but can't remember. what are the distinguishing traits for a narcissist. I feel some people when they are depressed can be selfish, see others as responsible for their happiness and blamed for their discontent, etc.

  2. Narcissistic personality disorder is defined by the DSM-IV-TR, handbook used to diagnose mental disorders, as one of 10 personality disorders. As a group, these disorders are described by as "enduring pattern[s] of inner experience and behavior" that are sufficiently rigid and deep-seated to bring a person into repeated conflicts with his or her social and occupational environment. DSM-IV-TR specifies that these dysfunctional patterns must be regarded as nonconforming or deviant by the person's culture, and cause significant emotional pain and/or difficulties in relationships and occupational performance.

    To meet the diagnosis of a personality disorder, the patient's problematic behaviors must appear in two or more of the following areas:

    -perception and interpretation of the self and other people

    -intensity and duration of feelings and their appropriateness to situations

    -relationships with others

    -ability to control impulses

    NPD is defined more specifically as a pattern of grandiosity (exaggerated claims to talents, importance, or specialness) in the patient's private fantasies or outward behavior; a need for constant admiration from others; and a lack of empathy for others.
    For diagnosis, an individual must fit five or more of the following descriptions:

    -he/she has a grandiose sense of self-importance (exaggerates accomplishments and demands to be considered superior without real evidence of achievement).

    -he/she lives in a dream world of exceptional success, power, beauty, genius, or "perfect" love.

    -he/she thinks of him- or herself as "special" or privileged, and that he/she can only be understood by other special or high-status people.

    -he/she demands excessive amounts of praise or admiration from others.

    -he/she feels entitled to automatic deference, compliance , or favorable treatment from others.

    -he/she is exploitative towards others and takes advantage of them.

    -he/she lacks empathy and does not recognize or identify with others' feelings.

    -he/she is frequently envious of others or thinks that they are envious of him/her.

    -he/she "has an attitude" or frequently acts in haughty or arrogant ways.

  3. i hope you continue to write (here). you write well, are clearly well educated (in more ways than one !) ( sorry- but thankyou ) and i can totally relate to what ive read so far. i too am reading everything i can on the subject of narcissism and all its manifestations. im almost sick of the subject at times, but since i live with one i need to connect with the education resources online once in a while. every time i read a new persons accounts i remember something else from the history with the N that struck me odd or hurt. please continue to write...

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