Sunday, April 5, 2009


The most common question asked by anyone who has been involved with a Disordered Narcissist/Sociopath is "Am I really crazy?"

For the length of time that I was with this man (off and on for nearly three years) he not only convinced me that I was crazy, but he also convinced his friends, family and co-workers that I was crazy. I remember them saying at different times, jokingly, that I was crazy. Like it was just common knowledge that I was off my rocker. It didn't occur to me until just recently that he had been planting that idea into their heads all along. Meanwhile, he was telling me that all of those people were crazy. Isn't it funny how everyone this man knew was insane, except him? At first, I honestly believed that it was because no one understood him like I did. When people told me "You're really good for him" it only helped to re-enforce that theory. Take it from me, if more than one person says to you "You are good for him" RUN! Whatever it is that's wrong with him (or her) is not your problem to fix.

Let me explain that it isn't even like me to make a statement like that. I am a very loving person, in fact people have told me that I "ooze love". I am kind to every person I meet. I feel that EVERYONE deserves to love and be loved. For the past 2 1/2 years, I've been saying "just because he has some flaws doesn't mean he isn't worthy of being loved". While that may be true for some, it is not true of everyone. I would not wish what I have been going through on anyone! All the love in the world can't fix crazy!

Those who have never been involved with a Narcissist may not understand how another person could convince you that you're crazy.

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